Transparency and Collaboration with Agemba

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kr. 372 / month

Agemba is a software tool for managing projects and product development.

You need one License for each collaborator you want to invite into your site.

Guest licenses give you the possibility of inviting stakeholders and customers into your site for feedback.

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Agemba is used by teams and organizations as a workflow tool to manage projects or assist in product development, creating transparency across teams and productive collaboration. Agemba especially caters to the needs of people involved with the strategic aspect of work: making priorities, understanding how deliverables are connected, being able to see dependencies and estimates.


Agemba provides a platform to map out your organization and create an overview of how work is managed and delegated. Everyone gains an overview of their own work processes and that of their teams as well as deep insight into the context of their work and the overall purpose and goal.


Agemba provides transparency and enables sharp prioritization as dependencies emerge. Working with Agemba provides the necessary transparency to make the right priorities based on information that truly reflects reality.


Agemba supports dynamic collaboration around work as it is broken down, discussed and distributed amongst colleagues. In the end, Agemba benefits the customers and stakeholders of companies as well, because they too can increasingly count on quality on time and budget.


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