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Agile Lean Leadership (ALL) is a consolidation of research and  many great thinkers’ work on how to organize and work to provide maximum outcome and value. The ALL Executive course condenses the content of the three ALL courses Introduction, Foundation and Practition into one day.

The Challenge

Organizations face a number of challenges in the current economy. Everything is changing at an accelerating pace due to technological developments, global competition and consolidation. In addition, there is a much higher content of complex knowledge work in organizations than before.

The changes mean higher demands on employees and leadership. Planning is much harder with only fragmented knowledge available. Everybody needs to be able to change and learn all the time, often in teams; sometimes in transient teams. One specialty skill is often not enough anymore.

ALL Executive, the fast track

The course provides a background of Agile and Lean Thinking, and an understanding of the mindset. Participants learn different ways to improve organizational performance by adopting the principles of: trust, taking ownership, constant improvement, pride of workmanship, intrinsic motivation and organizing for complexity.

Participants learn about transparency from different perspectives, estimation, risk assessment and basic prioritization techniques. 

Find a print friendly description of the course here.

 An Agile Lean Organization is an organization that:

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