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All circles represent one-day courses that can be combined according to the flow depicted below.

Large circles represent the courses in question. Small circles represent the preconditions for taking that course.

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Agile Lean Leadership Introduction. A one-day course introducing the mindset and structure of Scrum, Kanban and general Agile and Lean principles. 

Agile Lean Leadership Foundation takes participants through patterns for building an organization that is fast, reliable, resilient and innovative, based on a culture of trust, constant improvement and awareness of complexity.

Agile Lean Leadership Practition provides patterns, templates and methods to take ALL into daily use and development and how to scale-up across many teams, projects and initiatives.

The Introduction course is a pre-requisite for this one-day Scrum Master course. A course is of course only a mere beginning, but by the end of it newly hatched Scrum Masters will be sufficiently eqipped to take on the role with confidence. 

An introduction to the principles and practices of the Agile Team. How to participate in constant improvement and in being part of a learning organization, accepting challenges and growing new areas of competencies, working for transparency and mutual respect.

An advanced course that equips existing Scrum Masters to handle common challenges and oppertunities for the Scrum Master role. 

The Introduction course is a pre-requisite for this course. This course trains participants to become Product Owners and effectively make decissions of priority and direct a team on the course that produces most value. 

An in-depth Specifications course, of practices and techniques for achieving common understanding and clarifying specifications of complex jobs. A completed Product Owner course og Foundations course is a pre-requisite for this course. 

An advanced course that equips exististing Product Owners to navigate complex scenarios and base decissions on reliable estimations.

Equipping new Product Owners to effectively make decissions of priority and direct a team on the course that produces most value. It is a bundle of the Introduction course and Product Owner course.

This course is a fast track for leaders and executives. It provides context, background and useful patterns of Agile Lean Leadership and condenses the courses IntroductionFoundation and Practition into one day.

On a Scrum Master by ALL course we train people in two days so that they can begin to implement Scrum in their organization. This course is combination of the two one-day courses Introduction and Scrum Master

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