Privacy, Data Protection and GDPR policy

This statement covers the registration, use and maintenance of Users/Customers data in relation to the websites

All operated and owned by “ALH”:
Agile Lean House A/S
Niels Finsensvej 20
DK-7100 Vejle
Phone: +45 27836190
CVR/VAT: DK30279751

1. General Policies

  1. Personal data are all kinds of collected information that in any way is associated with a User/Customer.
  2. ALH only collects names and email addresses as key data upon interaction with Customers and Users. Additional data such as company, address, telephone numbers and product preferences in connection with purchases may be registered in order to provide a better service.
  3. A User and Customer is defined as a person who interacts with our Company, digital platforms and products, including attending courses and training. User data will be deleted upon request unless ALH needs the information due to legal constraints or to document transactions etc.
  4. For software services provided online (Software as a Service Tools – SaaS Tools), we distinguish between private Customers/Users and Users who operate on a site/account subscribed to by an organization with an account. In the latter case User requests about amendment or deletion of User data must be directed to the system administrator of the site.
  5. Collection, processed and use of personal data will always be subject to current laws and regulations.
  6. ALH will only store personal data as long as we are required to do so according to laws or regulations, or as long as it is relevant according to the purpose for which they were originally collected.
  7. ALH’s cookie policy can be found here.

2. Data Collected

  1. ALH collects and processes personal data when a User/Customer does the following:
    1. Visits one of ALHs websites or access online material.
    2. Subscribes to our newsletters and/or participate in any surveys.
    3. Creates a customer account in the Webshop to make a purchase or subscription change.
    4. Creates or updates a User profile in Agemba or other SaaS tools and when logging into the system.
    5. Signs up for and participates in a course or other training.
    6. Submits questions, feedback or complaints to ALH.
  2. Data collected are as follows:
    1. Name, email address, and optionally phone number, address, company name and user profile picture – to the extent the User himself explicitly agrees to and provides the information. This will typically be in connection with a Customer account in the Webshop, attending a course or updating a user profile in Agemba or other SaaS tools.
      1. When a new User is added/invited in Agemba or other SaaS tools, the name and email address of the new User will be saved by the existing User who adds/invites the new User. This information can be edited by the new User or removed upon request.
    2. Payment details when making a purchase in the Webshop
    3. Interaction with ALHs services, e.g. which topics the user clicks on, login timestamps, etc
    4. Technical information about your computer, tablet or mobile phone, IP address and potentially your geographical position.

3. Data Controller

  1. The data controller is AgileLeanHouse A/S, Niels Finsensvej 20 – DK-7100 Vejle, Denmark, VAT DK30279751, AgileLeanHouse is responsible for collecting, processing and use of personal data.
  2. Data is collected through the Agemba system or other SaaS tool (, the Webshop ( and other websites (, and or via other means of communication such as email or telephone (in particular for signing up for courses and training).

4. Purpose and Foundation for Data Processing

  1. Ordinary contact information such as name and address is collected so that ALH can provide a product or service, which the Customer has purchased. Email addresses are collected in order to send confirmation emails.
  2. In Agemba or other SaaS tools name, email address and optionally user profile image, phone number and company name are collected as a part of the user profile, which will be displayed to other users in the sites/context that the user has explicitly accepted to be a part of. Name and email address is used to send emails from the system.
  3. When participating in a course or other training, name, email and company is collected in order to keep track of course participants, create certificates of participation/completion and create User profiles for the Membership SaaS tool.
  4. If during the registration process the user has agreed to, the email address will be used for newsletters. The user can at any time subscribe or unsubscribe to the newsletter. All newsletters also contain a link for unsubscribing.
  5. The personal data of the Customer (except for email address if it has been used for newsletter subscription) will be deleted after 5 years after having received the purchased product.
  6. ALH keeps a tight protocol as to which employees have access to and training in handling personal data.

5. Other Recipients of Personal Data

  1. ALH does not sell personal data or customer data to any third party, and data is not transferred to any third country. If personal data is transferred to a third country it is only done through accredited companies (e.g. if the company is on the EU-US Privacy Shield list).
  2. The webshop and other websites are hosted at the Danish hosting company Internet 123. The Agemba system and other SaaS tools are hosted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) datacenter in Ireland. Information regarding payment is handled by Pensopay. Information regarding shipping of physical products is handled in Webshipper provided by ParcelFeeder. These act as the data processors of ALH. All personal data which a User/Customer submits will be handled by Internet 123, Pensopay, ParcelFeeder or in AWS datacenters. Internet 123 and AWS do not process the personal data of customers directly.
  3. ALH uses external companies as suppliers to provide our services to the best extent possible. These external suppliers are data processors and will in some cases process personal data as a part of offering their services to ALH. The data processors of ALH will only process personal data based on explicit instruction and in compliance with the legal requirements for data processors.
  4. ALH has entered into Data Protection Agreements with our key suppliers (subprocessors) to ensure that the privacy and security of our customer data are protected.

6. User Rights

GDPR empowers Users and Customers with certain rights to help assure the privacy and protection of their personal data. To exercise these rights please read the following:

6.1 Right of Access

Users/Customers can request more information about the personal data ALH holds about them.

  1. Agemba/SaaS tool organization accounts: The administrator of the account is the controller of the data and is responsible for providing the User with information requested about the Users data.
  2. Agemba/SaaS tool individual user accounts: To view the personal data that Agemba/SaaS tool collects about a User, visit the User account profile in Agemba/SaaS tool and inspect the log of actions and transactions.
  3. For other data requests (history of webshop transactions, subscriptions to newsletters, etc.) please write to Requests for general communication such as emails, paper or electronic meeting of minutes and support interactions cannot be accepted.

6.2 Right of Rectification

A User/Customer who believes that any Personal Data ALH are holding is incorrect or incomplete:

  1. Agemba/SaaS tool organization accounts: The User should contact the account administrator in the organization in question if personal data is believed to be inaccurate and requiring correction.
  2. Agemba/SaaS tool individual user accounts: The User can directly correct (rectify) personal data by logging into Agemba/SaaS tool and modifying personal data in the User profile settings.
  3. Other situations: The User/Customer can log in to the account at Agile Lean Shop, the current newsletter platform or other services supplied by ALH and rectify account information. If in doubt the User/Customer can write

6.3 Right to Restrict Processing

Users/Customers may have the right to object or restrict the data processing for certain purposes.

  1. Agemba/SaaS tool organization accounts: The User should contact the account administrator who should evaluate the right to restrict data processing.
  2. Agemba/SaaS tool individual user accounts: To view the setup of personal data processing that Agemba/SaaS tool performs concerning a User, visit the User account profile in Agemba/SaaS tool and inspect the log of actions and transactions.
  3. Other situations: The User can log in to the account at Agile Lean Shop, the current newsletter platform or other services supplied by ALH and change the account information to opt-out of applicable data processing services. If in doubt the User/Customer can write

6.4 Right to Erasure

Users may have the right to request that their data be deleted.

  1. Agemba/SaaS tool organization accounts: The account administrator is responsible for carrying out data deletion requests using the tools in Agemba/SaaS tool. Further information on how to delete a User can be found in Help Files and support site ( Deleting a User from a site does not permanently remove him or her, as Users may be a part of of multiple organization accounts. It will replace his email address with one of the System Administrator’s choice, consequently, the User is no longer contactable by this site. When deleting a User, associated assignments and other references to said User will still be in place, but without reference to said User’s email address.
  2. Agemba/SaaS tool individual accounts: Individual Users can find instructions on how to terminate their Agemba/SaaS tool user profile at Help Files and support site (
  3. Other situations: The User can withdraw from any other activity for which he or she is registered at ALH, by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of ALH marketing emails. If in doubt the User can write

This Statement is a part of ALH’s terms of business and shall be governed by the substantive law of Denmark. Should any of the clauses in this document conflict with the governing law, this shall not cause the whole document to be regarded as defunct, only the offending clause shall be regarded as defunct, any topics covered by such a clause shall be covered by common governing law.

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