Estimation Workshops

Expand your estimation skills!

Knowledge building

Collaborative Estimation builds upon the concept and game Estimation Poker – where teams estimate the relative effort required to do certain work items (stories) in a project or for product development. 

This workshop in Collaborative Estimation equips participants to not only focus on effort estimation – but how to establish a sound knowledge-building routine covering all aspects of a story: the inherent complexity, monetary cost and most importantly the value of creating it.

Experience for yourself what Value Estimation does for your collective understanding of a product.

Including stakeholders

Value estimations are predictions about how important or valuable it would be to create a certain feature or work item. These are immensely valuable to attain from both team members and stakeholders. The discussion often brings to light blind angles or hidden details and provides crucial information to those who have to prioritize.

Online workshops

We offer public, online workshops that include the following:

  • A theoretical introduction to collaborative estimation, its origin, validation and inspirational sources.
  • A discussion of effort, value, complexity and cost estimation including how each type contributes to the collective knowledge-building effort.
  • Engaging Value and Complexity estimation exercises in Cool Estimation.
  • Discussion about estimation needs, how to involve stakeholders and customers etc.
  • Gift package_ a three-month Cool Estimation Subscription

Increase your team and stakeholders’ estimation skills and experience for yourself how a game-based approach to estimating aids prioritization and knowledge build-up. 

Estimating made fun and easy!

In-house workshops

Agile Lean House offers in-house workshops for teams in organizations. 

These workshops include:

  • A  theoretical introduction to collaborative estimation with a focus on all four types of estimates.
  • Engaging estimation exercises that participants can apply immediately after. 
  • Gift packages containing Agile Cards, role caps, inspirational materials and Cool Estimation subscriptions.

AgileLeanHouse has a network of practitioners in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, the Czech Republic and USA

Contact to hear more about in-house workshops.

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