Agile Lean Leadership Introduction

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The Agile Lean Leadership Introduction course is the entry point for understanding Agile Lean Leadership (ALL). It is not necessary to have a prior Agile or Scrum education to take this course. The fundamental patterns and worldview in Scrum, Agile, and Lean-Thinking are comprehensively discussed, including the benefits. This also includes highlighting the difference to traditional management, especially the Neo-Taylorist approach.

Read a PDF description of the course here…

After taking the ALL Introduction course your agile training can be built on further by taking either a one-day Scrum Master course, a one-day Product Owner course or a ALL Foundation course. All couses that provide certification of the training and skills achived.

Participants can expect an interactive and engaging course that incorporates current research and the presentation of a full framework that takes the core principles of Agile and Lean to a new level. 

Discussions and dialogue are incorporated into the course, ensuring that all course participants feel sufficiently equipped at the end to be able to implement agile and lean principles and any useful elements of the framework into their own unique organizations.

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