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Much work today falls into the Complex Domain, where there are no prior examples to reference and where solutions may have to be deduced by experiment. In such circumstances, traditional plan-driven approaches don’t work, the claim is, that allowing one particular role (The Product Owner) to focus on the prioritization of effort to obtain maximum value, gives optimal results. The Product Owner is a central figure in every organization that wants to use Scrum.

This one day course can be taken in extension of the one day Introduction course. This means that in the time span of two days we train people to assume and fill out the role of Product Owner successfully in their projects. Upon completion the new Product Owners will have learnt enough tools to be ready to embark on a journey towards great results.

On this course for Product Owners we focus on complexity and on the strategic aspect of how to find the optimal use for our resources. The Product Owner is the person responsible for value creation, return on investment and is always looking out towards the market, customers and the stakeholders. It is systematically discussed how to secure feedback from customers and develop an ability to assess and estimate value based on even fragmented knowledge. The course also focuses on building a vision and methods fo decomposing larger requirements into smaller units.

Upon successful completion of the training, each participant will have a two-year membership of the Agile Lean Leadership Standard Network, where additional material and information about Agile, Lean and Scrum is available. Attendees are required to take an online test after the training course to be approved as Product Owner by ALL. Attendees will receive training materials and copies of presentations, videos, and materials produced during the course.

Who should attend? Product Owners, Product Managers or anyone interested in Agile work and getting the most out of your efforts. We will send information to all participants approximately one week in advance.

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