Cool Estimation Subscription

Cool Estimation enables game-based estimation exercises in online meetings – making estimation fun and easy to approach!

 A Cool Estimation user can create and facilitate estimations. Participants on the other hand are invited to join and do not need to be users. 


Cool Estimation helps you estimate online with your team and stakeholders!
Find out how much value your stakeholders subscribe to select stories – this will help you make the right priorities.
Carry out classic estimation poker with your team to predict effort.
And discuss the inherent complexity behind each story using the Cynefin framework.

 Effort ValueComplexityMonetary Cost


Try out Cool Estimation for Free for 1 month!

The free trial includes the full functionality of Cool Estimation. No credit card required

Create overviews of estimations with your co-located team!

Describe or import stories to estimate. 

Facilitate estimations with your dispersed team.

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