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The Advanced Scrum Master course is a full days training that expands on relevant Scrum Master related topics. The course seeks to further equip Scrum Masters to handle the inherent challenges and diverse tasks of the important Scrum Master role. The course adds on the original Scrum Master course with advanced theory, practice reflection, and opportunities for discussion and problem-solving. It is primarily for Scrum Masters with some experience, who have challenges they would like to receive help to resolve and a desire to help their teams, even more, to grow to their maximum potential.

Join this course to take your Scrum Master skills to the next level.  

Course Content

Serving the Team

  • The Shu-Ha-Ri of Scrumasterism
  • Psychological Safety
  • Overcoming non-engaged Team Members
  • Getting PDSA and OODA feedback loops to work in the Team

Serving the Product Owner

  • Keeping the Product Owner and Team on the same page
  • Supporting the Product Owner in sensemaking of Stakeholder’s requests, Team needs,  organizational needs and not to forget the Product Owner’s own needs
  • Acting as deputy to the Product Owner with Stakeholders and Team
  • Working with appropriate process and workflow for Requirements handling
  • Getting PDSA and OODA feedback loops to work with the Stakeholders

Serving the Organization

  • Working with the Organization to create clarity of Goals, Progress and Impediments, Artifacts, and meetings.
  • Working with the Organization to create clarity around the Organization’s goals, risks, and Roadmap
  • Working with the Organization to create clarity around the working agreements with other parts of the Organization: Delegations, escalations, and Sponsorship
  • Getting PDSA and OODA feedback 
    loops to work with the Organization

Advancing Psychological Safety and trust

  • Starting with the Team, establish the agreed simple rules of conduct and interaction, including non-threatening signals to stop up and reflect.
  • Improving predictability and honoring commitments increases trust in the organization
  • Establish clear and simple working agreements with the surrounding organization
  • Necessary endings. Sometimes a situation has to find an ending for the Team to move on

Advancing Transparency and Common Understanding

  • Working on the Artifacts. There may be extra ones that might be helpful for the Team or the Stakeholders.
  • Being aware of the interplay between trust and transparency without one the other cannot grow. What is holding transparency back?
  • Engaging with managers to establish an understanding of the necessity of this clarity in the organization – also of their work. 
  • Techniques, templates and metrics for the toolbox.

Advancing Engagement, Learning and Growth 

  • Establishing an Operational Resolution Circle (Scrum of Scrum Masters) to resolve issues that are out the reach for single teams/Circles
  • Establishing Secondary Circles, communities of interest. 
  • Establishing ways of understanding people’s desires and aspirations, how can we help them get there? Or are we growing apart?
  • Establishing a forum for debating and clarifying leadership structures, mandates (who decides), how can people be involved for the benefit of all. It is so easy to fall back in the track of power and ruling by fear.

Physical courses start at 09:00 and end at approximately 17:00 and include meals and refreshments.

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