Leise Passer Jensen

Leise Passer is part of the Agile Lean Leadership Prime Network as an independent agile coach and trainer. Leise has extensive global leadership experience as an Engineering Manager, Agile Project Manager and agile advisor at e.g. Nokia, e-conomic, FLSmidth, BEC, Lederne and Region Hovedstaden. Leise‘s guidance and training have made a substantial impact on her clients’ ability to grow their agility. Her background is within IT and systems development, and her strength and passion are to support organisations in becoming places where people really want to work and where the organizational structure scaffolds and enhances the value created. She holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science and English from the University of Copenhagen. In her spare time she enjoys dog agility and trains drug dogs. Leise‘s courses and facilitation are always very interactive with high involvement and engagement – often by using Lego.

“My passion for increasing agility in organizations and teams has lasted for 20+ years. I first got acquainted with The Agile Industrial Complex when I formed my own company, AgiliT, in 2018 and expanded my professional network globally. This is how I was indirectly introduced to Kurt Nielsen and AgileLeanHouse, the Agile Lean Leadership patterns and the network ALLN. I instantly noticed that here I had finally met like-minded people working to achieve the same purposes as myself. Agile Lean House is a company associated with a community where we walk the talk and demonstrate true Inviting Leadership without imposition of any kind. I am proud to join the network as a Prime Org. Educator – helping spread the good news about Scrum, AgileLeanLeadership and the ALL Patterns.”

Find more information about Leise’s other initiatives and consultancy work at agilit.dk

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