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The Challenge

In most work situations today, people are requested to deliver items whose implementation resides in the Obvious, Complicated, Complex and even sometimes in the Chaotic domain. Specifications are far from trivial apart from those in the Obvious.

Projects and initiatives still deliver suboptimal results due to misunderstanding of specifications. The challenge in reaching common understanding between stakeholders, management and those performing the work has never been greater.

Specifications Advanced – the Solution

This ALL Specifications course takes course participants through the basics of producing useful specifications. This includes using narrative techniques to achieve common understanding and a high recall factor of facts.

In ALL the “pull” principle is used, customers require something of suppliers. Specifications are the common language for these requirements.

Several examples and exercises take the participants through the various patterns that experience has proven are useful in communicating what should be achieved and hence be done. Special focus is devoted to visualization of the overall solution, so people do not lose overview and start suboptimizing in one corner.

Read a PDF description of the course here.

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