Sponsorship for Ukrainian Support Program

In the midst of the devastating and crippling war with Russia, the Ukrainians are already thinking ahead and preparing for the rebuilding of their country once the crisis is over. There’s a lot at stake for them and in fact for all of us in the free world.

On 24th February 2023, one year after the initial invasion, AgileLeanHouse started working with Ukrainian universities to support their staff and students with the training in Agile and Lean Leadership principles and practices they need to emerge from this crisis with effective and resilient organizations. 

ALH is providing free training, consultancy and software tools, but we have limited resources, so we are asking other organizations to become co-sponsors in this important initiative. 

Scrum Master Training

See the first course announcement at Kyiv National Economic University (KNEU)

Contributions to the 4InnoPipe Program

A joint entrepreneurial program of Reutlingen University, Zagreb Business School, Kyiv Academic University and Helsinki University.

Free Agemba Access

Students receive free Agemba sites to build their projects through.

Sponsors will get a sponsorship certificate and publicity through social media. They will also be mentioned on our sponsorship page (if they choose). Kryptonite sponsors may have their logo displayed on the course material and online solutions supplied to Ukraine.

Companies receive an invoice with the text “Assistance in connection with education and rebuilding in Ukraine” so that the contribution can be tax deductible. Sponsors receive regular documentation of the activities and allocation of sponsorship contributions.

Silver Sponsorship

 Gold Sponsorship

Kryptonite Sponsorship

Thank you for considering collaborating with us!

Don’t hesitate to write questions to info@agileleanhouse.com 

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